How to maintain compressor oil level of a reefer container ?

In Carrier 06DR compressors the oil level must be maintained at less than one-eighth of the oil in the sight glass. The oil level fluctuates as the compressor operates.

It is not a problem if the oil level in the compressor cannot be seen, since some of the oil is carried into the system and after running for a while it will return to the compressor and the level will rise to normal . A higher than normal oil level can cause:

  • A compressor to run at about 20-30°C above the normal temperature
  • higher power usage because of the slapping action of the crankshaft on the oil surface
  • liquid slugging at start up from excessive oil in the crank case
  • mechanical problems such as blown gaskets and broken valves or rods.

The type of oil used depends on the type of refrigerant used in the system. CFCs and HCFCs use mineral oil whereas HFCs require synthetic polyolester oil (POEs). A POE is hygroscopic in nature and must not be exposed to atmospheric humidity. Opened tins of POE must be used immediately.

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Reefer cargo
Why refrigerate?
We choose to refrigerate commodities such as fruits and vegetables because we want to prolong their “practical shelf life” – the time from harvest until the product loses its commercial value.

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